Old Spice Scores Again

Old Spice has done it again. The company released its second commercial on Wednesday, as part of its campaign to win over a new demographic and keep the brand alive. And it is even better than the first one, by including even more elements of the most comprehensive female fantasy every created.

Old Spice’s advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, chose the perfect spokesperson in Isaiah Mustafa and gave him just the right script to attract a younger audience to a product line that used to be for men who you would only refer to as “sir.”

Mustafa’s character fits the mold of contradictions many women daydream about—strong, kind, perfectly toned, handy around the house, skilled with baking, romantic and a little dangerous. I picture a table (or more likely, a bar) full of creative people brainstorming every possible element of any woman’s relationship fantasy. The only things missing might be caring for a baby, cleaning the house, or asking what happens next in my vampire romance novel.

Old Spice accomplishes all this without dismissing its heritage as a product for gentlemen. Its new deodorant packaging even pays homage to its past by audaciously printing this on the back:


The logo still incorporates some imagery from the previous version, the packaging uses the same color scheme, and the commercials still contain a little whistle at the end.

We do not know exactly what the return on investment (ROI) has been for the campaign. The company has not released any sales or profit data that reflects the result of the new campaign, and Procter & Gamble Co., has invested almost all of last year’s advertising budget into this one campaign.

But if any other women who are in charge of purchasing for their households love it as much as I do, the company will reap significant results from Mustafa’s personified female fantasy.

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9 Responses to Old Spice Scores Again

  1. MATT MCGEE says:

    These commercials are incredibly funny and creative. Now, how could we make this work for a dental office…

  2. Julie Canada says:

    The creators totally get the concept of porn for women! There is at least one aspect of these commercials that appeals to every women on a deep romantic level (at least in fantasy). I get such a kick out of them. Great commentary, Jan!

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks for the comments–I can’t wait to see what Old Spice comes up with next.

  4. Clay says:

    I thought this commercial, and the similar one before it, were very clever. And it’s brilliant marketing a men’s product to women – the ones who often make the shopping decisions.

    Unfortunately, after showing my girlfriend this commercial, and telling her how I thought it was excellent, she started accusing me of having a “man crush.”

  5. Andy Reuter says:

    This:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-fLV28SkZ8 is what oldspice has been doing over the past 24 hours. Personalized videos with Mustafa in response to tweets and facebook messages. Amazing!

  6. Laura Click says:

    Yes, this is well done. The social media component with the personalized YouTube messages adds a clever viral element to this campaign as well. The agency truly knocked this one out of the park in my book. I hope the ROI backs that up.

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