Want A Promotion? You’ll Have to Pay for It.

Facebook has added a new advertising opportunity for individuals and businesses.   The company recently released a new experimental feature which allows you to promote your updates, photos and posts to increase the chances of reaching a larger percentage of your targeted audience.

If you’re willing to pay an average of $7, Facebook will guarantee that your “promoted” post will appear near the top of your friends’ news feeds.  Of course, if you decide not promote your post, many of your “friends” will still see it.  However, by promoting your post, you’re increasing the chances that a larger percentage will view your message.

Some Facebook users may use this new feature to share news of an engagement, a newborn baby or an inspirational event.  I think the biggest beneficiaries of this new feature will be businesses, large or small. If a company wants to advertise a particular skill, completed project, or field of expertise to a large audience, they now are able to do it quicker and with more precision. It’s a new form of online advertisement that allows businesses to cut through the jumbled assortment of continuous updates that generally crowd Facebook pages.

As you know, Facebook is free to the public but the people who use it, pay the price of loss of privacy to use it. Our previous blog addressed that “Through our posts, comments, likes and group memberships, even low-activity Facebook users reveal a lot about themselves.”

So, the question is, will Facebook drive users away with this new “commercial” feature? Will it be too “in your face?”

We’re interested to hear your opinion on the new feature. Will your business be able to benefit from the new “promote” feature? Or will it clutter your audience’s news feed even more?

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