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No Surprises Here: Journalists Still Value Newsworthiness Most

Implementing an effective media relations strategy requires understanding the needs and preferences of professional journalists, and staying abreast of how those needs and preferences are evolving. So I was interested to read the results of Business Wire’s 2014 Media Survey, … Continue reading

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Communicating With Communicators

Learning the Lingo and (Older) Terms of the Trade Professional communicators should be the last people to use terms and acronyms with which their audience would be unfamiliar, right? But not only are communicators human, as I peer around the … Continue reading

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“What Fresh Hell is This?” An Overview of Updates to AP Stylebook 2014

The AP Stylebook 2014 is here! I previously shared a rant about AP’s decision to allow the use of “over” rather than “more than” to indicate greater numerical value. So I’ll consider enough to have been said on that. But, … Continue reading

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In Denial: AP Caves in “Over” v. “More Than”

If I’ve been slow to write about this it’s because, like many, I have been in denial.  AP, say it isn’t so! Last month the Associated Press announced new to the Stylebook in 2014: over, as well as more than, is acceptable in all … Continue reading

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Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

With technological advances come new perils for the workplace that have both operational and brand protection implications. A physician office manager posts a comment on social media inquiring about a patient’s specific medical condition, resulting in a HIPAA violation. An … Continue reading

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Literally v. Figuratively

Much has been made of the use, misuse and overuse of the word “literally.” Literally, of course, means something that is actually true: “Literally every pair of shoes I own was ruined when my apartment flooded.” When we use words … Continue reading

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ACA Implementation Requires Unprecedented Stakeholder Outreach, Brings Unique PR Challenges

Americans will have the opportunity to purchase health insurance from state or federal exchanges beginning October 1, 2013. Do you understand health insurance exchanges? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released in late April found … Continue reading

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AP Stylebook Turns 60, Releases 2013 Edition

Every year (like a big ole geek) I look forward to the latest updates of the AP Stylebook, the “essential style guide for journalists.” Mastering journalistic style is an important skill for the communicators who write news releases and other … Continue reading

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Silver Linings: Responses in the Wake of Tragedies

If there are any silver linings in the wake of natural disasters like the tornadoes that devastated Moore, Okla., this week, they often come in the form of community and organizational responses. Time and again, people and companies demonstrate support … Continue reading

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@SEC Embraces Social Media for Communicating with Investors

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has recently issued guidance on use of social media by corporations as a means to communicate with investors. But the guidance is receiving mixed reviews and, as Fortune magazine put it, received a definite … Continue reading

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