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Brand Wins Big at Blog Conferences

Companies continue to take a creative approach to reach out to bloggers as a way to market products. This was seen in action at Blissdom 2010, one of the nation’s premier women’s blogging conferences, held at the Opryland Hotel February … Continue reading

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FTC Guidelines Include Affiliate Links

In October, Robin highlighted the key points of the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for disclosure for bloggers. The new guidelines went into effect December 1. As an avid blogger and blog reader, I have seen bloggers in blog … Continue reading

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The Makings of a Successful Blog

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for creating a popular blog. As someone who blogs professionally and personally, as well as counsels many clients on the process, here are a few tactics that are effective in helping build a successful … Continue reading

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Outdoor Advertising: Going Outside the Box

I recently was in California directing a photo shoot and saw a lot of cool outdoor billboards. It made me think about traditional media and how it fits into marketing campaigns today. While I am a big proponent for using … Continue reading

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Direct Mail Successful Year After Year

One of the projects I have enjoyed working on the most during my time at Lovell is the annual Strength for Service direct mail piece. (Strength for Service is an ecumenical daily devotional geared toward the military and others in … Continue reading

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Bread and Butter: Communicating Your Message Effectively

Last week a representative from a printing company seeking our company’s business came to our office unannounced and asked if I was available. I was in a meeting with a client, so she left me a brown bag from a … Continue reading

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Do You Open Direct Mail?

In college, my freshman year roommate and I used to sign up for free samples so we would get mail. While I don’t get as giddy about free shampoo samples now as I did back then, I do still enjoy … Continue reading

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What Jon and Kate Teaches Us About Social Media

Confession: I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. I love it. Over the past few months, I have found the allegations of cheating and talk of divorce to be sad. And, as a pr professional, I am fascinated by the … Continue reading

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Blogging for Southwest Airlines

Last month, I blogged about how my scrapbooking hobby influences my creative work at Lovell Communications. Well, another one of my hobbies has trickled into influencing my work as well – blogging. I started blogging several years ago about you … Continue reading

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What Kind of Critic are You?

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is working with graphic designers to create logos, collateral, advertising and other visual communications for my clients.  When I saw this cartoon on a blog, it made me laugh because … Continue reading

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