Economic Survey Results

Last week Lovell Communications Inc. conducted an email blast survey on opinions about the economy.  Approximately 88 percent of 194 respondents (mostly business people and professionals) indicated they think the economy will either remain the same or improve over the next six months.

Last May 2009, when we conducted a survey with the same question, 89 percent of the 174 respondents indicated they felt the economy would remain essentially the same or improve between mid-May 2009 and mid-November 2009. Not a significant difference there.

Likewise, in the recent survey about 12 percent think the economy will get worse in the next six months compared to 11 percent asked the same question back in May. Also, not significant.

However, last May, 55 percent thought the economy was going to improve over the following six months compared to 48 percent in this month’s survey.

Last May, 34 percent thought the economy would stay the same for the subsequent six months compared to 40 percent of this month’s respondents who think the economy will remain the same for the next six months.

Asking Twitters and Facebook Users

In a separate survey sent out through Twitter and Facebook to a broader audience (not necessarily business people and professionals), only 74 percent of the 168 respondents think the economy will remain the same or improve over the next six months.  Notably, 25 percent felt the economy would get worse. (compared to only 11 percent in the business and professionals survey.)

29 percent of the Tweeters and Facebook respondents feel the economy will remain about the same over the next six months.   That compares to 48 percent of the business person and professionals survey.

I am wondering if this indicates that the business community is slightly more optimistic than the “average guy on the street.”  Makes sense.  What do you think?

Economic Survey Results

Economic Survey Results

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  1. Debi Farr says:

    In our area families have been hit especially hard. Many people who have never relied on government services are seeking them, especially food stamps. When you or someone in your household is out of work with few prospects it’s hard to be optomistic.

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