Nashville Gets Attention It Deserves

I often wonder if I should make up my own title as the “Official Ambassador for the City of Nashville” because I truly love everything about this town. My husband and I try to support all the local restaurants (which is becoming more challenging since several open every month), I make a special point to buy locally made gifts and when I travel I find myself selling our city to random strangers.  Nashville has long held the title of the Music City, and more than a decade ago we earned the additional nickname, “Healthcare Capital of the Country.” While these two industries are the city’s foundation we continue to evolve into a diverse city that offers so much more.

I was thrilled about this week’s New York Times article, “Nashville’s Latest Big Hit Could Be the City Itself” which gives a nice overview of not only what our city has become but also where we are going. It is also interesting to note that  Conde Nast Traveler just ranked Nashville as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2013, and a recent article in Travel & Leisure ranked Nashville as the third best city overall.

Almost exactly 25 years ago Paula Lovell launched Lovell Communications in Nashville, and thanks to that decision we get to work in this dynamic, culturally-rich, business-savvy city that provides us with many clients that also chose Nashville as their headquarters. I hope other industries and major companies across the country take note of everything Nashville has to offer and I encourage you to visit…I can’t be blamed if you never want to leave.



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