Pinterest Makes A Few Tweaks

Pinterest announced this week that it is making some tweaks in an effort to further engage its more than 40 million users and make the discovery process more enjoyable. The grid layout will be similar but will feature larger images and a new navigation bar. The most advantageous changes for Pinterest and users like me are:

  1. The back button will now return you to the same spot no matter how far you drift from your original pin.
  2. When you select a pin, you will see other pins from that board and source on the right side of the page so you don’t have to navigate away from the page.

As users, we will no longer suffer the frustration of losing our place while browsing and pins will contain significantly more information, which will keep users on the site longer so we keep pinning and repining.

If you are a Pinterest user you should receive an email this week inviting you to check out the improved site or – if you can’t wait – you can visit the site, look at your newsfeed and look for the “Preview our new look” box in the upper left corner.

These changes come just on the heels of the site’s new web analytics product that launched last week, which helps website owners better track how their pinned content is advancing through the millions of pinboards.  The analytics help websites better understand what content users find most interesting. The analytics product is free for now but could eventually be another way to generate revenue for the thriving website. If you are interested in setting up Pinterest analytics for your company’s website, this article is a great resource.

Let the new, improved pinning begin!

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