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Managing the Digital Suggestion Box: Five tips for pleasing your most vocal customers

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Growing up in the South, my mother instilled this bit of wisdom in me at a young age.  And I try to take her advice to heart … Continue reading

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Introvert Power: Why we make great communicators

“What are you thinking over there? You’re awfully quiet,” a client once said to me. It felt more like an accusation than an observation. We were midway through a strategy session on a new product and I had been listening … Continue reading

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NFIB Is Just Wrong to Advise Businesses Not to Apologize to Customers

I am stunned to see that the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), an organization to which I belong and generally support, sponsors an article advising small business owners not to apologize to customers when a mistake has been made. … Continue reading

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Occupy Definitely Occupies My Interest, How About Yours?

Occupy movements continue to make headlines in communities across the U.S. and beyond and there are plenty of fascinating P.R. lessons to be learned from both the occupiers and the authorities responding to their activities. From a media relations perspective, … Continue reading

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Knowing when it’s your turn to talk: A reality check for toddlers….and CEOs

As the mother of an (almost) two-year-old, taking turns is a frequent topic of conversation in my house. We’re still working on mastering the fine art of sharing but – despite an occasional “my turnnnn!”-induced meltdown – it’s a concept … Continue reading

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Companies have feelings too

While corporations can be perceived as cold and indifferent, I’m often surprised by the level of emotion I see working with clients facing controversial or potentially newsworthy matters. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that lawsuits, investigations, negative reviews … Continue reading

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"No Problem" May Cause Big Problems!

I have a dirty little secret.  Once I did not hire a young woman because of her use of a popular, regularly misused expression that really grates on my nerves.  I’d invested more than an hour interviewing her for the … Continue reading

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