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Distracted? Use these 5 tips to Increase your Productivity in the Public Relations Workplace

If you work in agency PR, then you know you are constantly pulled in a million directions as important client needs tend to pop up when you’re in the middle of working on something else. Being able to switch gears … Continue reading

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Reporters Continue to Depend on Media Releases for News 

There is constant debate throughout the industry regarding the future of press releases. Will social media eventually make traditional media unnecessary? Will fact-filled, well-constructed, informative releases be replaced by 140-character tweets? According to a new study, communications professionals can rest easy. … Continue reading

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How to Build a Foundation for a Public Relations Career

This past month I started my first PR job! I have held plenty of internships before, as anyone in the industry knows is a necessary first step, but with college graduation came my first full-time public relations job. And while … Continue reading

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Professional Development: Make Time Because It Matters

You’ve saved, invested and finally purchased your dream home, which includes every high-end finish and furnishing you’ve imagined. Unfortunately, you can never seem to find time for its upkeep and maintenance. You ultimately delay necessary repairs or ignore them altogether.  … Continue reading

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Secrets of Lovell Communications, World-Class Public Relations Professionals

I don’t know about you, but I am always up for a good secret, especially one that will help my PR career! I started my adventure to learn the secrets of becoming a PR pro a year ago, and I … Continue reading

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Connected: Remember, We All Put Our Pants on the Same Way

Just today, I had lunch with a music industry executive at which we discussed the complexities associated with music’s booming digital landscape as well the challenges I face as a new employee at one of Nashville’s top PR firms. Needless … Continue reading

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A Great Night for Nashville PR

Last week the Lovell team enjoyed an evening of industry camaraderie and peer recognition at the Parthenon Awards, sponsored by the Nashville Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The Parthenons take their name from Nashville’s Parthenon, a replica … Continue reading

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The Path to Greatness is Along with Others – Now Go MeetUp!

A friend of mine and I met up for dinner after work the other night. It was the first warm evening of spring and we were soaking up the last hour of sunlight on the patio at a nearby restaurant. … Continue reading

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PRSA’s Ambitious Campaign Clarifies PR’s Ambiguous Definition…or does it?

“Define public relations,” my public relations professor said to my research class last year. My class, which was comprised of mostly seniors, embarrassingly gave my professor a few blank stares before one brave soul uttered, “Public relations is a strategic … Continue reading

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PR Pros Push For Wikipedia Editing Rights

In November, our blog identified the inability of companies to edit their own Wikipedia pages as one of the biggest risks of having your business listed in the ubiquitous crowd-sourced online encyclopedia.  Fearing that posts will become biased, Wikipedia does … Continue reading

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